Salt water chlorination is easy, effctive and low maintenance. The H2flo premium salt water chlorinator transforms pool salt into chlorine, safely sanitising the pool. Salt water chlorination eliminates the need to manually add chlorine on a daily basis, making it the most popular method of pool sanitation in Australia today.

The H2flo premium salt water chlorinator is manufactured in Australia to high-end design specifications using top quality components and premium electrodes. The smart technology used in H2flo's built in micro-computer delivers an intelligent and responsive system that's efficient, reliable and easy to operate.

Simply key in your settings on the LCD display and H2flo will guide you through summer. H2flo maintains the required chlorine output levels by dynamically tracking your settings. The self-cleaning cell is a standard inclusion with H2flo's Premium salt water chlorinator reducing maintenance while saving you money and valuable time. Built for Australian conditions with a compact and robust design, the premium choice is H2flo.


H2flo Chlorinator Features

Smart micro-computer controlled system     Internal clock maintains correct time wihtout external power, making the H2flo chlorinator suitable for Tariff 33 installations
Simple to operate and program     Audible alert when remedial action is required

Easy to read backlit display and buttons     Automatic power reduction upon high salt conditions

Pump protection

    Large cell surface area prolongs cell life
Super-Chlorinate mode     Self-cleaning cell

Spa mode     High and Low salt indication

Precise control of chlorine generation in increments of 1%     Exceptionally high quality cell anode material assures efficiency and long life